PAMT – Precision Add / Manual Transpose – Workshop – 9. July ’16

The PAMT is a small performance oriented module. It’s buttons can add or subtract exactly 1Volt from it’s incoming voltages. This can be used to transpose CV up and down by an octave. It has two inputs which are summed together, like this you can chain PAMT modules to extend the range of the transpose function.

It is made from high precision parts, such as:

  • 0.1% tolerance resistors
  • Low Noise/Offset/Drift Opamps
  • Low noise voltage referencel
  • Long life SP86 pushbuttons (the king of buttons :) )

further module specs

The Kit hosts SMT parts with minimum package size of 0805. So moderate soldering skills are advantageous.

Everything needed to build the module will be provided on site. PCB, Frontpanel, all electro & mechanical parts, all tools like tweezers, soldering irons, solderwick, beer…

100 % function warranty – we’ll spot any error on site or exchange the module if necessary.

9. July ’16 (not confirmed yet)
14:00 o’clock (duration: 2-3h)

Mechatronic Art Lab
Hohlstrasse 52
8004 Zürich


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