uMIDI – DIY a tiny MIDI to CV interface

uMIDI is a miniaturized 2HP clone of the unfortunately “long” discontinued MI cvpal. It is a spartanic and very straightforward build. Non the less it is a tiny and very versatile module.
We will:
  • solder the thing together, check for errors
  • program the microchip (attiny84) with your own custom UID/VID
  • learn a little on how it works
you need:
  • little to no experience in soldering. the parts are tiny but its only a few 🙂
everything needed for the build will be provided on site.
please register by mail:
(you’ll get a confirmation)
fee: 90.- CHF

date: 23.06.2018 / 13 o’clock

location: mechatronic art lab, hohlstrasse 52, 8004 Zürich