psu II – 1hp power supply solution

Say hello to eurorack’s tiniest power supply solution available.
psuII is a 1HP switched mode power supply that can supply “small” cases with power.

It’s power inlet is a common type-C USB connector. This allows you to use almost any device to power your rack: powerbanks, laptop chargers, phone chargers, type-C  downstream ports on laptops, and so on. No need for buying an extra wall wart or DC power brick.

It’s generic PCB layout allows it to be mounted as 1HP module, and also to be mounted inside the case, fixed by two M3 screws. There are also landing pads on the PCB that allow you to wire up any other power input connector needed.




128.7mm x 16mm x 5mm (1HP)


  • Standard type C USB connector


  • +12V 700mA and -12V 400mA on pinheaders

where to buy:

The psu II will be exclusively sold by seismic industries.
Either as assembled module, or as full DIY kit (mostly preassembled SMD components):

DIY KIT / standalone unit

The DIY KIT includes everything to build an assembled and functional module.


  • pre-bent lasercut stainless steel sheetmetal faceplate and PCB-holder
  • pre-assembled PCB, most passives and the QFN-24 SMPS chip
  • additional parts to solder: 2 sideview 0805 LED, USB-C connector, 2 power inductors

intermediate level solder skills are needed for the type-C connector!! (0.5mm pitch)

Assembled module

This is the ready to use psu II. Everything is soldered and mounted.


  • 2 x M3 Inbus Screws
  • 3 x jumpercable to connect to busboards
  • psuII

69.– CHF

price includes tracked shipping worldwide

89.– CHF

price includes tracked shipping worldwide