Dual Attenuverter

The dual Attenuverter features two independent attenuation/inversion circuits. The actual output voltages are displayed by two LEDs, one for positive and one for negativ voltages.

Inversion/Attenuation ranges from 1 (full CCW potentiometer position) to -1 (full CW potentiometer position).

High impedance inputs buffers ensure that the input signals are not loaded by the circuit. Also a low output impedance delivers up to 20mA of output current. Enough to drive multiple destinations.

Input/output voltage range ist about 20Vpp.

All I/O signals are accessible on an pinheader for prepatching when built in.

Tunable parameters:

  • Attenuversion 1
  • Attenuversion 2


  • IN 1
  • IN 2


  • OUT 1
  • OUT 2


  • +12V 8mA / -12V 7mA


  • Width: 4TE (20mm)
  • Depth: 13mm