POLARIZER – attenuate, invert, amplify. all voltage controlled and nicely visualized

The POLARIZER can attenuate and amplify(max gain needs to be determined while building) signals, as well as invert them, everything voltage controlled.

The POLARIZER is a 4HP DIY Eurorack kit. It may seem like a small module but it hosts  a total of 82 electronic components. Waiting to be soldered and put together by you.
With the kit comes the unique GLITTERBOARD which is a small additional PCB that holds 3 passive VU-meters for the incoming, outgoing and the polarizing CV voltages of the module. The GLITTERBOARD is sandwiched between the frontpanel and the top of the potentiometers bodies to provide visualization.

This kit is fun and challenge because:

  • It’s got a high part count – 82 parts to solder, knuts to tighten, knobs to be mounted
  • “high” density design – the parts are a bit closer together and have to be placed accurately on their landing pads
  • it’s GLITTERBOARD is the shit !

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Tunable Parameters:

  • INDEX is setting the manual amplification ratio
  • POL CV ATV is setting the polarity of the incoming POL control voltage and also the CUT POL voltage.


  • IN is the “signal to be processed” input
  • Z IN is summed to the product of C POL and IN
  • POL is the polarizing control voltage
  • CUT POL is the same as the polarizing voltage, but with 0.2V cutoff (to mime shutdown characteristica)
    • the POL and CUT POL inputs can be adjusted internally to Gain 1 or 2. -> 5V or 10V input equals unity gain.
  • OUTs, two identical outputs of the polarized and summed voltages


  • +12V ca. 50mA / -12V ca. 50mA


  • Width: 4 HP (20mm)
  • Depth: 13mm