LFO quadrature

The quadrature LFO delivers four sine outputs, each with 90 degree phase offset.

Operation is indicated by 4 white LED. The frequency and Amplitude can be adjusted with potentiometers.

There is a CV input for frequency modulation.

The module pairs well with the Quad Mixer module to generate real analog wavetable sounds.
Patching it’s outputs back into the FREQ CV input results in ramp up and down waveforms as well as hyperbolic shaped outputs.

Tunable parameters:

  • FREQUENCY (0.0066Hz – 800Hz or 1/800sec. – 2.5min.)
  • AMPLITUDE (0V – 15Vpp)




  • 0 DEG
  • 90 DEG
  • 180 DEG
  • 270 DEG


  • +12V 24mA / -12V 15mA


  • Width: 12TE (60.6mm)
  • Depth: 13mm