It produces white noise from a base-emitter junction. It uses the natural “shot noise” effect. Shot Noise is independent to temperature and frequency. Its just the random fluctuations each electron causes by taking a slightly different way to cross the PN junction.

The PINK noise signal is a filtered version of the WHITE noise.

Additionally a RANDOM voltage output is available. Its Frequency spectrum is filtered down heavily until the signal contains no more audible artifacts. Just a voltage that tangles from peak to peak in time to time.

A true analog random generator. Feel free to use it in your supercomputer.


  • WHITE (+/- 5 Volt)
  • PINK (+/- 5 Volt)
  • RANDOM (+/- 2.5 Volt)


  • +12V 6mA / -12V 6mA


  • Width: 4TE (20mm)
  • Depth: 13mm