The splicer module allows you to combine the positive and negative amounts of two independent signals.

The positive input processes only the positive halfwave, or signals above 0V. Negative signals will be cut.
The negative input works equally but processes only the negative halfwave, respectively signals below 0V.

For example the module can be used to splice different waveforms from a VCO together, resulting in a new timbres not often heard. Nice effects can also be achieved if the input signals not only differ in form but also in frequency and/or phase, which results in constantly shifting timbres.

The circuit is completely DC coupled thus can also process CV or very low frequency signals.

The “spliced” signal is also available inverted on a second output jack.


  • Positive Input (everything above 0V)
  • Negative input (everything below 0V)


  • Splice Out
  • Inverted Splice Out


  • +12V 7mA / -12V 6mA


  • Width: 4TE (20mm)
  • Depth: 13mm