VC Route MK3 – DIY Kit

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MK3 version uses the same circuit as the old VCROUTE but is crampled into 4HP width.

The VC ROUTE module is a bidirectional 1×4 multiplexer. The channel can be selected by a manual dial or by CV. The INHIBIT input interrupts the routing.

The full kit comes with everything needed: PCB, Panel, electrical parts, mechanical parts, powercable.

Moderate soldering skills are advantageous (the module hosts 0805 resistors and capacitors, as well as a TSSOP-14 & SO-16 chip).

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Product Description


  • 1to4 or 4to1 bidirectional routing inputs/outputs


  • Manual ROUTE SELECT with potentiometer
  • Voltage controlled route dial with ROUTE CV in (0-10V)
  • INHIBIT disconnects the current I/O routing (active with input > 1V)


  • Width: 4TE (20mm)
  • Depth: 13mm


  • Paperless (schematic, BOM and pick&place info is on the PCB frame)

Additional Information

DIY Kit variations

Full Kit, PCB & Panel only, Prebuilt Module