IPS DIY Kit (Interruptible Power Supply)

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IPS is a 4HP eurorack diy kit. It’s a switched-mode power supply that converts the 5V power from any USB interface/changer into +12V/-12V for your modular synthesizer. This does not allow you to power big racks but can easily power up a fully equipped 42HP case. Although the design of the IPS mainboard is modular/stackable to deliver more power. The kit includes whashers to stack the boards together to get more output power. You can also use the unit without frontpanel inside a case (no access to the SHUT inputs) if it has a power switch and a 5V input.

Positive and negative rails are independently built, and the circuits have a shutdown input which is accessible thru two jacks on the frontpanel.
This gives you a very different approach to operate a connected module. By “proper” modulation of it’s own powersupply voltages any connected module(s) can operate then in a, let’s say:  “near death state”, which can create interesting effects.

The kit also includes the babybusboard, which is a small busboard (7 outs) to distribute power to your moduels.
A 20cm cable and connectors comes also with.

In a glimpse:

  • modern and fast 1.2-2MHz switching regulators from LT deliver up to 300mA@12V and 150mA@-12V
  • includes the babybusboard with 7 output connectors (flatmount, can directly be mounted on a surface)
  • IPS mainboard can be mounted inside a case without frontpanel like a common PSU (flatmount too)
  • stackable for more output power
  • 32 parts to solder
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Product Description


  • SHUT +12V deactivates the swiching regulator for the positive rail
  • SHUT -12V deactivates the switching regulator for the negative rail
  • internal 10 pin molex header that connects to the babybusboard via ribbon cable

Power Output:

  • +12V 300mA / -12V 150mA (if incoming USB interface delivers it)


  • Width: 4 HP (20mm)
  • Depth: 13mm


Demovideo on my Youtube channel

Additional Information

DIY Kit variations

Full Kit, PCB & Panel only, Prebuilt Module


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