The MIDIfyME board is a MIDI to gate converter. It receives midi notes on a selected (via DIP switch) channel and sends gate signals from the first octave to the corresponding optocouplers.

It was meant to “Midify” selfmade small instruments like ATARI Punk Consoles or simple CMOS oscillators. It lets you play melodies with such circuits like with a “real” synth, by adding “tuning resistors” to each optocoupler, which then are gated into the circuit.
Also to make “circuit bends” playable via MIDI. So you can remotely play with your circuit bent hardware.
I also midified my nintendo NES. so the image can be disturbed in the rhythm of a MIDI sequence.

And many more applications are possible. Since it’s outputs are optocouplers it can be connected to nearly every circuit (as long as it’s in the capable specs of the optocouplers).

The firmware is based on the arduino plattform. So it can be easily flashed by everbody. Then just remove the Controller from your arduino board and insert it into the MIDIfyME Board – voilà.


As your resources i can provide the documentation (in german) that was used in the workshop (back in 2008…)

The sourcecode that has to be flashed on your arduino.

And the Eagle schematic and Board files in a .zip.

Download documentation

Download source code

Download Eagle files

If you have any questions about it or if you run into troubles while building it, please contact me i’ll try to help you out.