Design Rules

The seismic industries system is supposed to be the flattest modular synthesizer ever! To reach this target, there are mechanical rules which must be followed, to give the modules their typical flat shape.

Electrical rules are applied to assure that all generated and accepted voltage levels comply with each other and that the modules can be mounted and used in any other eurorack system.

By including pinheaders on every module for its I/O Signals, it is possible to “prepatch” them within the case. So you can build up any semi-modular system you want, without giving up the satisfaction of modularity.


Height:  The modules have a standard height of 3 HE (128.7mm)

Width: The width of each module is in TE/HP (5.08mm – 1/5inch)

Depth: The maximum depth of the modules is 13mm. This allows them to fit in very shallow cases with the depth of about a third of a common skiff case. Designed to be used as slim desktop units rather than bulky boxes.



All inputs and outputs of the modules are not only available at the jacks on the frontpanel. There are pinheaders on each modules PCB which carry all the available signals. This allows the user to completely prepatch the modules inside the case.
The connection to this headers is fed from the make&break contact of the I/O jacks. When a cable is inserted into the frontpanel the internal patch will be disconnected.
This allows you to make a constant setup for your system, which can be easily rerouted in case you want to.

This means for you:

  • Generally less cables on the frontpanels
  • No patchcables at all if you want to use your system with a “fixed” signal/CV path with the flexibility to reroute
  • Making and using of “building blocks”
    • Faster patch build with usage of prepatched building blocks (drums, complete voices, complex processors)
    • Better overview – easily manage complex patches

Power Connector

All modules feature an angled 2 row 10pin molex header to inject power via a standard eurorack 10 pole ribbon cable.
The connector is mounted on the top side of the PCB and set back a little with a cutout  so the ribbon cable can travel trough without disturbance.
All standalone delivered modules include a 20cm long 10pole to 16pole ribbon cable.

We do not use 5V bus power, every other voltage than + or – 12 Volt is generated seperately onboard.

Neither do we support the CV Bus System, we use seperate connectors to allow more flexibility when using the available signals for internal prepatching.